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Hut - Brick Hut - Stone
A simple, low polygon hut. The same hut, but with a bigger texture, converted to a figure and with a MAT pose for night scenes.


Lip Map for Jessie High Res texture
Lip Map for Jessie Low Res texture
Either right click on the link, and save target, or click on the link and save the resulting image. Use these masks with a blender node to allow you to change the colour of Jessie's lips.

Sample materials using the Lip Maps (included)

A conforming dress for Jessie, with morphs in the hip to give a variety of different styles, UVmapped and includes one texture and a template.


This is a pack of experimental mini-materials. Unextract as normal to your Poser runtime. You will find a new material folder called JR, containing five materials - four that produce stripes, one that creates a modified P-Node. What makes these materials different is that they are added to existing shader trees, rather than replacing them. This allows you to add these shader tricks to pre-built materials or to materials that you are currently developing (Poser 6 only).


A pack of inteligent mini-materials. These materials look at the object you are adding them to, and produce a modified P-Node adjusted to the size of your object. These materials will be added to the current material, so you can use them to add an effect to an existing material.