My Tutorials

My Tutorials

Example Materials - Python - Posing - Grouping Tool - Material Room - Lights


A Very Basic introduction to PoserPython
Python Lists and Poser


Using the Collision Detection feature

Grouping Tool

New Group (and adding to your selection)
Create Prop
Spawn Props
Assign Material
Add a new material to a prop
Add a new material to a figure
Add a new material to a clothing figure

Material Room

An introduction to node vocabulary

Blurring a picture in the Material Room
Creating gradients without image maps
Altering hair colour with an Add node
The ColorRamp node
Gather Node: Locations
Gather Node: Settings
Simple tip: Using control nodes
Creating a photographic negative
Blender Node: Merging two materials
Edge Blend
Edge Blend and reflections
Edge Blend and colour rounding
The Skin Node: the settings
Anisotropic Specular Highlights
Wood Node: Videos
Granite Node: Videos
Transparency: Video


Highlight_Size video

Maths Nodes

General Introduction to the Maths_Function node

A gentle introduction to trigonometry

Chart showing the maths functions

Maths functions

Add function
Subtract function
Multiply function
Divide function
Sine function
Cosine function
Square Root
Mod function
Absolute function
Sign function
Min function
Max function
Clamp function
Floor Function
Round function
Step function
Bias function
Gain function



P Node
P-Node Sample material 1


N Node settings
Using the N Node
Sample N Node material

U and V nodes

The U & V Nodes
Combining and altering the U and V Nodes
Using the U & V nodes directly
Creating Circles with U & V
Creating Stripes with U & V

Colour Maths

Introduction to Color_Maths nodes

Individual Maths Arguments

Combined Color Maths

Increasing Dynamic Range


Diffuse-only lights
Specular-only lights
Negative lights