Recent Updates

7 July 2007: Wood node video showing the impact of turbulence

16 May 2007: We return after a gap in which we changed hosts, with a new sample material - a 1970s carpet that uses only four nodes.

23 March 2007: Something of an experiment today, with the start of a look at the Anisotropic specular node. This article is going to be supported by a series of videos hosted on YouTube. 25 February 2007: Today we have a look at the settings for the skin node in Poser 7, and how they combine.

10 February 2007: A look at some of the unusual things you can do with Poser lights - diffuse only lights, specular only lights and negative lights.

1 February 2007: To support the Edge Blend article, today we look at how Edge Blend works in reflections, and how it works with the colour maths version of rounding.

18 January 2007: A look at the Edge Blend node today. Despite the name, this node actually looks at the angle between the surface and the camera, and lets you pick one colour for areas that face towards the camera and a second colour for areas that do not.

9 January 2007: Two more maths nodes to start 2007 - this time Absolute and Sign.

4 December: Back to the maths today with the Square Root and Smoothstep functions

23 November: A change of topic today, with a look at how to use the Collision detection function to help with posing.

10 November: A big update today, based around the sine and cosine maths functions. Articles on the sine function and cosine function are supported by an article on trigonometry and two sample materials - a metallic grid and a padded cushion.

28 October: Two updates today - an article on the step maths function, and a candy stripe material produced using it.

24 October: Back to basics, with an explanation of the vocabulary used to describe shader nodes.

5 October: How to blur a picture in the material room

6 September: A return to the maths functions, this time with the Floor function.

9 August 2006: A new sample material: dark marble using no maths.

22 June 2006: Today we post our biggest ever single update: seven articles on the Grouping Tool:

New Group (and adding to your selection)
Create Prop
Spawn Props
Assign Material
Add a new material to a prop
Add a new material to a figure

10 June 2006: Another long gap, but today we are back with the Multiply maths function.
9 May 2006: After a longer than anticipated gap, today we add the Clamp and Gain maths functions
2 April 2006: To go with the maths function introduction, today we look at the Add and Subtract functions.
8 March 2006: A new Tiled Floor sample material
28 February 2006: Perhaps overdue, here is a general introduction to the Maths_Function nodes.
4 February 2006: The Bias maths function, effectively the 'brightness' node.
23 January 2006: Articles on the Min and Max maths functions.
7 January 2006: Introduction to Color Maths added.
7 January 2006: Using colour maths to increase the range of colours in an image.
7 January 2006: Using colour maths to 'posterize' an image.
18 December 2005: New Plaid material added (last update before the holiday)
29 November 2005: New Plasma material
27 November 2005: Creating a photographic negative
27 November 2005: Blender Node: Merging two materials
27 November 2005: Simple tip: Using control nodes
27 November 2005: New Gold Nugget material
27 November 2005: Creating Stripes with U & V
25 November 2005: New Brick material using nodes with bump maps.

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